Alphabet [36-Count Flash Cards, Bendon®, ©2017] (Ages 3+)

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Alphabet 36-Count Flash Cards

Item Details:

  • Using flash cards makes learning the alphabet more fun
  • Ideal for individuals or small groups
  • Great for home schooling, classrooms, and more
  • Includes full color pictures with common things (items, foods, and animals)
  • Includes 10 extra cards for lowercase reinforcement for some letters


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Bendon's Alphabet 36-Count Flash Cards make learning the alphabet fun and engaging! The colorful front of the cards include the name of an item, animal, or food as well as a full-color picture of that same thing. The back features both Uppercase and lowercase of the first letter of that thing. The extra 10 cards include additional items, animals, or foods with lowercase only for reinforcement. These include, totally, a b d e f g h n q and r. Great for homeschooling, classrooms, libraries, and more.

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