Science - Space, Dinosaurs, Insects & Spiders, Ocean Animals [Audio CD, 4-Disc Set, Twin Sisters® Productions, ©2018]

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Science - Space, Dinosaurs, Insects & Spiders, Ocean Animals [Audio CD, 4-Disc Set, Twin Sisters® Productions, ©2018]

Item Details:

  • Includes Four Science-based Educational Music CDs
  • Topics include: Space, Dinosaurs, Insects and Spiders, and Ocean Animals
  • Fun, upbeat songs to inspire children's imaginations
  • Bonus! Includes promo code to download four corresponding workbook and lyric pages
  • Includes 48 Songs; Made in the USA
  • Track Listing:
    • Space CD:
      1. When I Grow Up I Want To Be An Astronaut
      2. Many Jobs To Choose From
      3. It’s Called Cooperation
      4. I’m Feeling Light As A Feather
      5. Can We Live In Space?
      6. You’re An Astronaut
      7. Famous Astronauts
      8. Stepping Out In Space With The MMU
      9. What Is A Satellite?
      10. Heroes Of Our Time
      11. Space Colonies
      12. I’ll Be An Astronaut Medley
    • Insects & Spiders CD:
      1. When I Grow Up I Want To Be An Entomologist
      2. What Is An Insect?
      3. What Kind Of Mouth Do You Have?
      4. Ants In My Pants
      5. I’m A Fierce Hunter
      6. What A Change!
      7. Fireflies, Won’t You Come Out Tonight?
      8. Pass The Honey, Please
      9. What Is A Spider?
      10. Millipedes And Centipedes
      11. Ladybug, Ladybug
      12. True Bugs
    • Dinosaur CD:
      1. When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Paleontologist
      2. Where Did All The Dinosaurs Go?
      3. I Found A Fossil
      4. It’s The Three-Horned Dinosaur
      5. What Colors Were The Dinosaurs?
      6. Tyrannosaurus Rex Didn’t Get His Supper
      7. I’m Not A Dinosaur
      8. I Am Stegosaurus
      9. The Brachiosaurus Rap
      10. Let’s Go On A Dinosaur Dig
      11. Plesiosaurus, Do You Like To Swim?
      12. Good Things Come In Small Packages
    • Oceans CD:
      1. When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Marine Biologist
      2. Adventures By The Ocean
      3. I Need A Sponge To Take A Bath
      4. Save The Sea Turtles
      5. Manatees Are Lovable Huge Things
      6. Male Sea Horses Do Amazing Things
      7. It’s The Dolphin Symphony
      8. They’re Really Blubbery
      9. Blue Whale, Blue Whale
      10. Shy Octopus
      11. I’m The Great White Shark
      12. Sea Otter Won’t You Play With Me?


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Blast off into a space adventure, go on a dinosaur safari, bug out with insects, and set sail into an ocean of learning with this stunning 4-disc set. The fun, educational music explores the science world in song with four discs that teach about space, dinosaurs, insects, and ocean life. Great vocabulary combined with fun lyrics will inspire your child or student's imagination. Includes a promo code for four free corresponding activity books and lyrics.

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