Multiplication Rap & Hip-Hop [Audio CD, Twin Sisters® Productions, ©2001]

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Multiplication Rap & Hip-Hop [Audio CD, Twin Sisters® Productions, ©2001]

Item Details:

  • Includes 13 Tracks
  • Includes facts with or without answers, and with delayed answers
  • Great, thoughtful strategies for learning multiplication facts
  • Fantastic addition to home or classroom teaching aids
  • BONUS: Enhanced CD includes a 24-page book with lyrics - print right from your home computer!


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This Multiplication Rap & Hip-Hop CD is a great addition to your home or classroom, making learning fun! Kids are sure to get in the groove with tight hip-hop harmonies and cool authentic rap! Includes facts with and without answers, and with delayed answers, to teach facts 0-12! Learn about the "just think of doubles" idea, the "order property," and other strategies that will make learning the multiplication facts easy and fun. Includes 13 songs. BONUS! Includes 24-Page Book and Lyrics on the disc. Print them right from your home computer.

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