Speechercise Level 2 [Audio CD, Twin Sisters® Productions, ©2005]

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Speechercise Level 2 [Audio CD, Twin Sisters® Productions, ©2005]

Item Details:

  • Brand New Audio CD
  • Songs and strategies for easy speech practice - help your child improve pronunciation and articulation
  • Ideal for ages 5-9 or any child who is struggling with advanced speech
  • Track Listing:
    1. Advanced Jaw Drops - 2:30
    2. Voiced and Voiceless Coordination - 3:42
    3. Advance Lip Presses - 1:54
    4. Advanced Tongue Pushups - 3:40
    5. Consonant-Vowel Movement Game - 3:03
    6. Fa, VA, Sha, LA-LA - 1:34
    7. The Tongue Twister Song - 2:14
    8. Aff, Eff, Oaf, If, Off the Craziest Sounding Thing - 4:02
    9. Say the "V" Sound Now! - 3:11
    10. "F" and "V" - 2:37
    11. It's All About Sally - 2:07
    12. Can You Say Za? - 1:38
    13. The "S" and "Z" Drill - 1:27
    14. Chee, Chow, Chaw - 1:47
    15. Ja Ja Ja Joe Jammin' - 3:01
    16. S and SH...There Is a Difference - 2:55
    17. This, That, Those! - 3:20
    18. Are, Or, Ear, Air, Ire...We're Tired! - 2:12
    19. The Low, Row, Woe Song - 2:20
    20. Saying Sentences - 5:29

Great practice for young children beginning to develop speech habits or those who may:

  • make inconsistent sound errors
  • stutter
  • be hard for listeners to understand
  • have difficulty coordinating the lips, tongue, and jaw when speaking
  • shorten sentences so it is not obvious they struggle to pronounce certain sounds
  • struggle to produce a certain sound and end up substituting, distorting, omitting, or adding another sound instead


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Speechercise® Level 2: An Advanced Musical workout for Your Mouth - More songs, drills, and strategies designed to help children develop proper speech and articulation skills! Follow the workout leaders through musical exercises that target tongue and teeth placement; challenging beginning, middle, and ending consonant sounds; and more complex consonant-vowel transitions. Targets include: f and v, s and z, ch and j, sh and s, th, l r, and w.

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